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Our Story 關於我們

自2004年開始,曬燈工房於香港銅鑼灣開設了首家室內曬燈專門店。 並且近年來更擴展至旺角和中環。曬燈工房配備了尖端太陽燈和紅光膠原技術,擁有超過12款不同曬燈機型號,滿足不同客戶需求。身為Ultrasun International的獨家官方經銷商, 專業定期保養能確保所有曬燈機保持最佳狀態,包括更換UV燈管,以確保每一秒鐘站在曬燈機內的客人能夠曬出最健康的古銅膚色。

曬燈工房多年來吸引了來自不同行業的客人光顧,如演員, 歌手、舞者、健美運動員、健身教練、空勤人員以及尋求在幾分鐘內曬出一身健康古銅色的客人。我們以往的合作夥伴包括Mr. Asia、California Fitness、Firstness First以及Pure Fitness。我們最近作為Muscle Legend健美比賽的官方贊助商,能夠為健美比賽選手提供專業的日曬指導和服務,幫助他們在比賽中展現最佳狀態。

現在就開始你的日曬之旅吧。請即親臨我們,體驗一下非一般的日曬感覺, 曬出一身令人艷羨的古銅膚色!

Since its inception in 2004 with the first branch opened in Causeway Bay, Tanning Studio Hong Kong has since expanded its presence with the opening of Mongkok and Central in recent years. As the exclusive official distributor of Ultrasun International, Tanning Studio is outfitted with cutting-edge tanning and red light collagenic technology with over 12 distinct models of different machines tailored to accommodate diverse client needs.  Regular maintenance protocols ensures optimal performance, with UV lamps replaced on a routine basis to guarantee maximum tanning efficacy.

Tanning Studio Hong Kong takes pride in its role and have served clients coming from all sorts of industries such as Artists, Dancers, Bodybuilders, Gym Goers, Cabin Crew and individuals  seeking for a swift, radiant glowing tan in minutes. Our collaborations have extended to esteemed partners such as Mr. Asia, California Fitness, Fitness First and Pure Fitness. Our recent role as the official sponsor for the Muscle Legend Bodybuilding Competition allow us to offer professional tanning guidance and services to bodybuilding contestants, aiding them in showcasing their best selves during competitions. 

Embark on the journey of indoor tanning today and get tanned in minutes! Visit us for an unparalleled tanning experience.

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