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Australian Gold

Dark Side - 8.5 oz


An ideal Delayed Bronzer for deeper, darker colour and streak-free, even results.

Dark Side's 30X Relentlessly Dark Bronzer harnesses the power of DHA, and flawlessly blends it with Macadamia Oil, for a gradually developed bronze hue. The Macadamia Oil helps to prevents lotion from transferring for longer-lasting dark colour.

Amazing skincare ingredients, Black Truffle and White Tea Extracts join forces in the Colour Alliance Blend to purify and revive skin for an overall alluring complexion. Whilst a decadent dose of Silicone hydrates and softens the skin for a velvety, silky feel. Hemp Seed Oil also conditions and moisturises for a radiant, youthful glow

  • Fragrance: Bourbon Berry
  • Size: 250ml

Top Tip: This is great lotion for newbie tanners or for those looking to build a base tan!


Product Code: A00445

Dark Side - 8.5 oz

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