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Promotion​ 最新曬燈優惠

last updated on 21 Apr 2024

Summer 2024 Special  2024夏天曬燈優惠

$2,599 ONLY

  • 30 sets UV tanning 30節太陽燈服務

  • 1 bottle Australian Gold tanning lotion (8oz) 一支澳洲黃金室內曬燈油 (8安士)

  • 6 months validity 六個月有限期

  • Access to all Clubs 所有分店通行

  • $200 cash coupon 曬燈油現金券

  • share with 1 of your friend 可與一位朋友一同分享


Promotion code 優惠碼: Summer2599

Terms & conditions

  1. 6 months validity. 6個月有限期。

  2. Applicable to machine model Ultrasun i8 (48 lamps x 200W). 適用於Ultrasun i8 型號 (48支燈管 x 200瓦)。

  3. This offer is only for new joined customers. 本推廣只適用於新客戶首次登記。

  4. Cash coupon can be used on Tanning bottled lotion. 現金券適用於支裝油。

  5. 1 name nomination within 1 week once package become active and name not transferrable. 需於生效後一星期內提交朋友姓名及不可更換。

  6. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offer. In case of dispute, Tanning Studio decision is final. 如有任何爭議, 曬燈工房保留最終決定權。

last updated on 17 Mar 2024

Bodybuilding Indoor Tanning Promotion2024年度健美參賽者曬燈美黑優惠

2024 Bodybuilding Promotion 

"To all 2024 Bodybuilders Contestants 致所有2024年度健美參賽者"

Tanning improves muscle defintion! 想肌肉線條更突出, 曬燈絕對有幫助!


1 Month Unlimited Tanning 一個月任曬 $999 Only

  • Choose your preferred branch Central Causeway Bay OR Mongkok 選擇你想去的分店中環, 銅鑼灣, 或旺角

  • 1 set per day 每天一節

  • all Tanning products 30% off 所有曬燈油產品7折

  • 0 Joining Fee 無需登記費

  • Promotion code 優惠碼: Bodybuilding999

Terms & conditions

  1. Ultrasun model 型號: i8 or Q4

  2. Proof of 2024 contestant is required. 需出示參賽證明。

  3. Top up $400 Upgrade to 2 sets per day. 加$400可升級每天最多兩節。

  4. Offer valid until 30 Jun 2024. 優惠期至2024年6月30號止。

  5. in case of disputes, Tanning Studio's decision is final.  如有任何爭議, 曬燈工房保留最終決定權。

last updated on 1 Apr 2022


2 for 1  Offer 最新優惠二人同行七折價

You and your friend will simply enjoy 30% off the total bill if both make purchase of  package and bottled indoor tanning lotions at the same time.



Terms & conditions

  1. This offer is only for new joined customers 本推廣只適用於新客戶首次登記。

  2. To enjoy this offer, you and your friend need to register at our shop at the same time. 登記當日,二人需同時到本店一同登記方可享有此優惠。

  3. Once the names are registerd, the names cannot be changed and the membership card is not transferrable. 登記人一經確定, 不得更改或轉讓。

  4. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offer. 此優惠不可與其他優惠同時使用。

  5. Tanning Studio reserves the right to make the final decision in the event of any dispute. 如有任何爭議,一切以TANNING STUDIO公司最終決定為準。

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