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last updated on 6 Nov 2021

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* Terms & Conditions apply

1. Please call us for further information on the relevant machine models for each plan     (請致電我們了解曬燈型號詳情)

2. Each set will last between 8 mins to 12 mins depending on the machine model (每一節時段由8至12分鐘不等,視乎曬燈機型號)

3. A registration fee at HKD200 is chargeable for any new joined customers. (新客戶需在首次登記時支付200港元作新客戶登記費)

4. Warm Reminder: Outdoor tanning lotion cannot be used  within Tanning Studio's indoor tanning facilities (溫罄提示: 戶外太陽油不能在本店室內曬燈設備使用)

last updated on 11 Sep 2021

1 Month UV Tanning, Redlight & Gym Access $1,599 only!
一個月”曬靚Fit”計劃 $1,599

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Choose your favourite branch
Causeway Bay, Mongkok & Central


1. 一個月任用i8紫外線曬燈機 (每日上限一節)
2. 一個月任用紅光嫩膚療程機(每日上限一節)
3. 免費享有中環Absolute Fitness一個月健身會藉任用所有健身設備再加額外一對一健身教練一堂

此優惠只適用於新客戶。此優惠不可與其他優惠同時使用。若有爭議, 曬燈工房決定為最終決定

This 1 month pass includes:
1. 1 month use of our UV i8 Tanning Machine (max 1 set per day)
2. 1 month use of Red Light Collagen Machine (max. 1 set per day)
3. BONUS 1 month FREE access to Absolute Fitness Gym in Central & 1 FREE PT session.

This promotion is only applicable to new joined customer and cannot be used in conjunction with other offer.In case of dispute, Tanning Studio’s decision is final.

Best Value in Town


(updated on 4 July 2021) 


A "Best Value in Town" Tanning & Collagen Plan has launched in all branches Don't miss the chance to grab this very special offer at 50% OFF!  **(only for new joined customer) 


全城至抵曬瞪優惠價現已在中環,銅鑼灣及旺角推出, 曬燈價錢相當吸引, 正價五請即致電預約及查詢:

2570 3538 (central( / 2575 7687 (cwb) / 2790 3339 (mk) (**只適用於新客戶)


曬燈優惠 (50% OFF)


(中環, 銅鑼灣或旺角)

$ 999 ONLY! (原價 $1,999)

* 8 tanning sessions (10節曬燈)

* $150 tanning lotion cash coupon 曬燈油現金券

Applicable to all Tanning Machine models except i9 & i8e (適用於所有型號的曬燈機除了 i9 & i8e)

(50% OFF)**
Central / Causeway Bay / Mongkok

$ 1,950 ONLY! (原價 $3,899)
* 20 collagen sessions (20節)
* $100 collagen lotion cash coupon 


Promotion for Personal Trainers and Dance Instructors and Gym Staff 


(updated on 12 Sep 2020) 


30% OFF on all full price packages and products for both Tanning & Collagen. Proof of employment is required (eg. name card, employment letter, work pass, social media accounts, etc) 

(**This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offer. Tanning Studio reserves the right to make the final decision in the event of any dispute.)


即時享有曬燈或紅光膠原正價套票及所有產品七折優惠。 需出示有效証明例如公司卡片,受僱信, 工作証或社交媒體戶口方可享用優惠

(**此優惠不可與其他優惠同時使用。如有任何爭議,一切以TANNING STUDIO公司最終決定為準)

2 for 1 Offer - Tanning Special

2 for 1 Offer 最新優惠二人同行七折價

(updated on Apr 2020)


You and your friend will simply enjoy 30% off the total bill if the both of you join our package and buy any of our bottled indoor tanning lotions at the same time.


Terms & conditions

1. This offer is only for new joined customers

2. To enjoy this offer, you and your friend need to register at our shop at the same time

3. Once the names are registerd, the names cannot be changed and the membership card is not transferrable.

4. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offer. Tanning Studio reserves the right to make the final decision in the event of any dispute.



1. 本推廣只適用於新客戶首次登記

2. 登記當日,二人需同時到本店一同登記方可享有此優惠

3. 登記人一經確定, 不得更改或轉讓

4. 此優惠不可與其他優惠同時使用

5. 如有任何爭議,一切以TANNING STUDIO公司最終決定為準