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Australian Gold

G Gentlemen® Natural Bronzer


Indulge in our unique Coconut Water base for a superior, hydrated feel. A concentrated amount of Coconut Fruit Juice regenerates, revitalises and softens for healthy, dark colour.

The Instant Dark Bronzer uses Natural Bronzers for immediate streak-free, maintenance-free, deep, dark results.

Our CellActive® Complex is a unique blend specifically formulated for tough male skin. This increases skin resilience while locking in moisture for longer-lasting hydration. What's more, ColorGuard™ Tattoo Technology employs Tiger Grass to create a moisture-seal blend that helps prevent tattoos from fading.

The Skin Repair Blend also uses exotic Australian Berries, such as Diemen Pepper, which nourish skin intensely whilst also providing regenerative effects to protect skin from environmental stresses and damage.

  • Fragrance: Rugged
  • Size 250ml

Top Tip: The Coconut Water base of all G Gentlemen® products ensures lotion spreads easily and absorbs quickly, making it great for male clients as it does not mat down body hair. This lotion is perfect if you need a tan quick for an upcoming event! 

G Gentlemen® Natural Bronzer 8.5 oz

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