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Australian Gold

Infamous - 8.5 oz


An eighth dimension bronzer blends delayed bronzers with immediate bronzers for instant colour and gradually developed darker colour which continues to deepen for 24 to 72 hours after tanning.

Iridescent body blush energises skin for gorgeous colour whilst also softening and moisturising skin for perfect, blushed tones. This blend is rich in antioxidants, helping to fight against free radicals and environmental stressors for long-lasting colour and anti-ageing effects.

Caffeine and Ginseng tone and tighten skin for improved skin condition, plus natural oils including Hemp Seed and Coconut help to strengthen, condition and tone skin whilst also improving it's water retention for longer-lasting colour. 

  • 250ml bottle
  • Zen Passion fragrance - unisex

Tanning tip: This lotion is ideal for those who love highlighter. The iridescent body blush leaves skin with a shimmer-y glow.

We love: The unisex fragrance, soft after-feel and gentle shimmer that this leaves on the skin after tanning.


Product Code: A00486

Infamous - 8.5 oz

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