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Australian Gold

Heavy Metal - 10 oz


A 20th dimension bronzer, this lotion blends colour boosters Melanin and Beta-Carotene with immediate bronzers and Shea Butter for streak-free, even immediate colour. Delayed bronzers are also added for flawless, evenly developed colour which develops for 24 - 72 hour after tanning for the darkest colour possible. 

Opal, Potassium and Magnesium extracts work to energise, protect and strengthen skin. In turn, this helps to support skin for optimal water retaining and long-lasting colour. 

Sea Salt also adds Copper, Zinc and Calcium which work as colour boosters to enhance melanin production for a powerful glow. 

Natural oils soften and smooth skin for a flawless appearance. Plus a natural polymer ensures a seamless spreadability, rapid absorption and soft, radiant tone.


  • 300ml bottle
  • No added parabens
  • Mango Madness fragrance

Tanning tip: This lotion will contain higher quantities of skincare ingredients than many others. The more skincare, the healthier the skin and the longer-lasting and deeper your tan will be.

We love: The long-lasting fragrance, powerful bronzing blend and use of minerals to condition skin

Heavy Metal - 10 oz

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