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Australian Gold

Love Hurts - 8.5 oz


Exclusive Aloe-base

Fiery Tingle T20

Heartbreaking Bronzing Blend



Aloe-Base (1st listed ingredient) uses an industry exclusive high level of concentrated Aloe Vera Gel that helps heal, soothe and moisturize for healthy, smooth skin


Fiery Tingle T20 is a passionate blend of Chili Extract, derived from Cayenne Pepper, and Benzyl Nicotinate that help stimulate blood flow for a moderate level of reddening and immediate results


Heartbreaking Bronzing Blend is a decadent combination of Black Walnut Shell and Melanin with Tyrosine and DermaDark® bronzers that work together flawlessly for a deep, seductive hue


FadeDefy™ Technology is infused with Native Australian Kakadu Plum that provides anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants to the skin while Shea Butter helps moisturize and protect for longer-lasting color


Product Code: A00290

Love Hurts - 8.5 oz

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